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It’s been an interesting couple of months for many of us, even longer for others. As the Governor begins to slowly open Washington State, New Image Cosmetic and Family Dentistry looks forward to seeing our patients once again! We’ve certainly missed you and your teeth!

However, we understand that many people remain wary of returning to normal day-to-day activities, such as going to your regularly scheduled appointments with us. With that in mind, we are implementing new procedures and adding new equipment to make all of our patients feel a little more comfortable about seeing us.

Enhanced Patient Protection

We refer to these changes as “Enhanced Patient Protection” and have already enacted several parts of the plan to ensure all of our patients are as protected as possible while in our office. For instance, we are implementing air handling units from both Vidashield and Surgically Clean Air to control, capture, and kill any airborne contaminants.

Bacteria, dander, virus, and other debris will be removed from the air, making the air in our office that much cleaner and safer to breathe for both patients and employees. Surgically Clean Air’s purifiers use multi-stage cleaning technologies that work together to disinfect and re-energize the air.

Dust particles, pollen, volatile organic chemicals, gases, molds, viruses, odors, and other pollutants are removed from the environment. A negative ion generator will make the air feel fresher and combat fatigue. These units move large amounts of air through its filters while remaining quiet enough to use in an office atmosphere.

In addition to cleaning the air, we’ve also taken steps to improve our processes with improved instruments. We have outfitted the office with ReLeaf high-volume evacuators and other personal protective equipment such as gowns, hair covers, and of course face masks.

We’re In This Together

New Image Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is doing all of this to better protect our patients and ourselves. Although the recent pandemic prompted these changes, we will consider retaining many of these changes when we finally get back to “normal.” It’s the least we can do to protect the health of our patients – and their teeth.

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