Exercise and Dental Health: Connections

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It’s a new year, and many people make the resolution to start exercising and get in shape. But did you know your physical health impacts your oral health, too? In fact, reducing your body mass index (BMI) with regular exercise will help reduce your risk of developing periodontal disease. But that’s just the beginning of the connection between exercise and dental health. Here are some additional benefits that exercise has on your dental health. 

#1: Stress reduction

Having a regular workout routine will help you reduce stress. Oftentimes, we see patients that clench or grind their teeth at night due to high levels of stress. If this goes untreated, you may experience pain in your jaw or teeth that are chipped or worn down. This leads to tooth sensitivity, nerve damage, receding gums, and more.

#2: Less inflammation

Inflamed gums are uncomfortable. Inflammation also causes gum disease, so if your gums remain inflamed, more bacteria can make their way into your gums and wreak havoc. The good news is that exercise helps reduce inflammation throughout the body.

#3: Saliva production

Saliva plays a huge role in oral health. When you don’t have enough of it, and you have a dry mouth, bacteria thrive. Bacteria buildup in your mouth causes plaque, tooth decay, and even increase the risk of developing gum disease. Keeping your body moving also keeps saliva flowing, and that’s a good thing for your mouth. 

It’s important to note that what you eat and drink while you’re focusing on your exercise regimen is important too. Avoid sugary sports drinks, as they feed acids and bacteria that lead to tooth decay and plaque buildup.

In addition, don’t neglect regular checkups with your dentist. Professional dental cleanings twice a year are imperative. Staying on top of these routine appointments will help ensure that things are not only kept cleaned but that any potential issues are diagnosed and treated, so they don’t turn into bigger problems later down the road.

Contact our experienced dental professionals at New Image Cosmetic & Family Dentistry today for your appointment. We can work with you to not only improve your dental care but to also discuss other health issues and health-enhancing behaviors, such as those listed above.

Remember: Dental care is health care. Just as physical exercise can help lower your risk of heart disease, so too can a regimen of proper dental hygiene and dental care.

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