Dental Implant Care

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The dental implant process is typically lengthy and expensive, so the importance of dental implant care is crucial to make your implant last. The highly knowledgeable staff of our Vancouver WA office are happy to provide at-home care tips and habits. We also recommend routinely scheduled prophylactic cleanings, especially during the healing process following the initial surgery.

Proper care for dental implants prevents:

  • Inflammation of the gums (mucositis)
  • Bone loss
  • Damage to the implant structure

Many of the current home care treatments can be applied to dental implants. These include regular tooth brushing, flossing, rinsing with antibiotic solutions as well as cleaning with interdental devices for complete bacteria and debris removal.

Dental Implant Self-Care

The porous nature of the titanium implant creates a perfect environment for harboring bacteria and acquiring plaque. Therefore, it is crucial to properly care for dental implants to avoid the need for any extensive additional procedures. Every patient’s needs are unique, and the dental care plan provided is specifically tailored to meet those needs. These may include:

  • Combinations of manual and power tooth brushing
  • Utilization of interdental systems
  • Rotary motion massagers
  • Various antimicrobial pre and post-brushing rinses.
  • Numerous plaque removal techniques

Dental Implant Maintenance

In addition to home care for dental implants, routinely scheduled cleanings are recommended every six months. The hygienists use a set of specially designed hand instruments to clean and polish the delicate surfaces around the restorations. If excessive amounts of plaque and tartar are noticed, an ultrasonic cleaner is applied to properly remove any stubborn deposits to ensure the health of the surrounding tissues and teeth. If any part of the implant is visible, nylon brushes are used to remove the debris.

At each routine dental visit, the patient’s progress is reviewed and monitored by visual examination and x-rays to ensure that all the underlying structures remain healthy. If any discrepancies are detected, they are immediately addressed by the dental provider. In rare cases, if the implants cannot be maintained, other options for tooth replacement are offered to allow the patient maintain their oral functions and pleasing appearance of their smile.

With proper care, the success rate of retaining the implants long-term is 95 percent. Contact New Image Cosmetic Dentistry in Vancouver WA to schedule a dental implant consultation to find out if they are right for you.

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